GeoEnvironmental, Remediation and Validation

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As an integral part of our Geo-environmental Service, WML Consulting provides a comprehensive Remediation Service to clients where sites are affected by ground contamination.

Our ethos is based on sustainability principles and, where possible we will design the Remediation works so as to maximise the re-use of materials on site and thus reduce the cost of waste disposal. To this end, detailed Material Management Plans are produced in line with the Code of Practice for the Definition of Waste, together with Qualified Person services to prepare a Declaration for re-use.

For such sites, WML undertake site specific Remediation Options Appraisals and detailed design to satisfy the Remediation Objectives. This is translated into a Remediation Strategy for the site and presented to the local authority for written approval.
Remediation Implementation Plans are prepared to include finalised design proposals and Specifications for tender. Site attendance services are provided to inspect and witness the Remediation Works to confirm that Remediation Objectives have been met.
Verification Documents are collated to prepare a Verification and Completion Report for local authority written approval.

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